• Educate


    Find answers about Medicaid, Education funding, disability services and more

  • communicate


    Meet and talk with other families

  • advocate


    Let elected officials know what people with disabilities and their families need


Our mission is to promote informed decision-making for family members of those with developmental and other significant disabilities.

Through education and advocacy, in partnership with innovative and adaptable provider organizations, we will effect system changes that meet disability needs across New York State.

New York Families For Disability Rights was formed to give families of people with developmental disabilities a place to connect with others across the state. Here you will find information and tools to help you make informed decisions about how best to advocate for you and your loved one’s rights as well as for broader disability rights.


This website offers

  • Resources – facts and information about the system and your rights, insights on how to get what you need and practical advice from parents about the supports and services available in New York State.
  • A way to connect and interact with other families of people with disabilities for information and support.
  • Advocacy tools – through the information available on this site you will become better informed and in the process, a stronger advocate for you and your family.